Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like A Ghost

May 12th is International ME/CFS/FM Awareness Day. For the second year I am participating in Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness.

For the last couple of months I've been dealing with the worst relapse I've had in several years. The brain fog has been horrendous....to the point where it didn't feel like I was even in my body. I spent many days wandering in my house...not knowing what I was doing or needed to do, unable to leave, drive, or care for myself. I felt vacant, hollow, numb.....the person who I know myself to be felt as if she were slipping away into a murky realm. I felt like a ghost....

I've improved quite a bit just in the last week....not enough to write a whole lot...With the help of my awesome husband, Tony, he took some photos of me....then I added those to some photos we took in early November 09. It felt good to create a piece of art again, which I haven't been able to do in some time.

This piece was inspired by my wandering our house, feeling like a ghost.


  1. That's a beautiful piece. It must have felt good to be making art again. I hope you continue to improve.

  2. Oh hon...it breaks my heart to see you feeling like this...a ghost...because I see you hon..such an amazing woman you are!! You make my life a richer place!! Hugs and love, Sarah

  3. I can really relate to you feeling like a ghost.
    Lovely piece of art, and especially lovely that you were able to create it. Here's hoping this relapse passes and there are more opportunities for you to express yourself creatively soon.

  4. I so understand what you are saying! I have lupus/lymphedema/chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalia. People have no idea what it does to you. Besides the pain, the brain fog is awful. There are blocks of time I have just gone thru the motions, just existed, nothing more. Thank you for your wonderful post!